Meet the Yelp of Kenya! #eatout #opentable #africa #tourism


Kenya is ahead of the game in the African Tech space. They were the first country to master mobile money, a concept that allows you to transfer money and make payments with your mobile phones. Some of the first tech hubs were in Kenya, and a huge chunk of the foreign direct investments has been directed at Kenya. A lot of this success can be attributed to the relative stability in the region, and the very large tourism market. Kenya is one of the largest tourism destinations in sub-saharan Africa, bringing in close to $1B a year according to the World Tourism Organisation.
In an economy based on tourism the hospitality industry will always thrive, and Kenyan entrepreneurs are falling over themselves to find ways capitalize. Eat out Kenya is one of the companies capitalizing on this boom. EatOut is an online restaurant guide in Kenya. They offer menus, reviews, and virtual tours for the different restaurants in the region. This is perfect for tourists looking for the best place to enjoy some authentic Ugali and sukuma wiki. Eat out is slowly becoming the Yelp of Kenya. The company also allows you to make reservations on the website so they are a combination of Yelp and Open table, even better!

eatout kenya

The Venture launched in 2009 and got a major boost in 2012 thanks to an infusion of capital from Africa Media Venture Fund (AMVF). AMVF is a Netherlands based Venture capital fund that focuses primarily in the African media sector.

So good job to Eat out kenya, keeping us all mobile as we search for great food in Nairobi!…………………..Stay Mobile!