Access the internet with a light bulb! Can this product solve the access problem in Africa #lifi


Scientists have just reinvented the way you can connect to the internet,  and they are calling it li-fi!  The way it works is, you connect to the the internet using the visible light spectrum, as opposed to the radio frequency spectrum.  This sounds like a lot of gibberish an hullabaloo 🙂  Let me make it simple, all you need is a light bulb!

The term Li-Fi was coined by Professor Harald Haas, the co-founder of pureVLC and recently Chinese scientists have created a bulb and li-fi kit that can connect to the internet just like Wi-fi does.   Wi-Fi is a form of data transfer that uses the radio frequency spectrum.  What this means is, electromagnetic current oscillates at certain frequencies (about 3Khz to 300Ghz) that allows energy to radiate into space.  This energy can  be used to carry data through space, and that is how wifi data is transferred.  In li-fi, the data carrier is light, and a flickering light bulb can achieve frequencies 10000 times that of radio frequency.  You remember binary numbers in school? This is when you use a series of 1s and 0s to represent data.  Well in li-fi these flickering lights represent 1 when the light is on and 0 when it is off.  The flickering will be at such high speeds that it will be invisible to the human eye, but a receiver device will be able to recognize and decode the information!!!  This is how you will be able to connect to the internet with a light bulb.  This would be a great idea in Africa,  since there would be no need to obtain a pesky spectrum license (Getting licensed in many African countries is always stressful, especially if you don’t know the right people!).  Radio frequency emissions is usually regulated, so broadcast licenses are required.  Light on the other hand, free for all! 🙂 (well you have to pay your electric bill).   LiFi could bring the internet to many more people at faster speeds and much cheaper, sounds like a win, win, win! There is of course the problem of constant power failure,  however this is a problem that also affects wifi.

So hooray for lifi, time for entrepreneurs to implement in Africa. Could be big business, but we have to make sure you keep the mosquitoes away from the light, we don’t want them blocking the signal!!………………………………… Stay Mobile!