CPU Usage at 100% + Physical Memory at 100% – How to reduce video

In this video we will discuss how to reduce your CPU Usage and Physical Memory percentage.

Try the following:

1) Kill some processes:

  • You can access the Task Manager by clicking on CTRL+ ALT +DELETE
  • Click on the process tab
  • You will see all the processes
  • Arrange processes by CPU usage by clicking on the “CPU” header
  • then kill large processes by clicking on the process and then clicking on “End process”

2) Set Process Affinity

  • right click on the process
  • Click on Set Affinity
  • then Select the number of processors you want this job to access

3) Remove spyware

    • Download anti spyware software, we recommend this.

  • Install software and then scan your computer for spyware in Safe mode

4) Keep your laptop cool

  • Dont let your processor overheat


If all else does not work, send it in to the repair shop, you computer usage should not be at 100%! 🙂