A New Silicon Valley in…………………….. Harlem?

When you think about Harlem many things come to mind; The Historic Apollo theater, The Harlem Renaissance, birth place of Tupac and Diddy 🙂 Harlem has always been internationally recognized as a hot bed of African American art, music and culture. Will it soon be known as a hot bed for tech innovation?  The guys at Silicon Harlem think so. Founded by Clayton Banks and Bruce Lincoln, Silicon Harlem has a mission to transform Harlem into an international Tech hub that would rival the likes of Silicon Valley.

Technology is the commodity of the future, everything in our lives is intertwined with it.  So it is essential that urban communities keep up to speed on the changes in technology, in order to not be left behind.  You remember the gold rush, the oil rush?…..Well today we have the tech startup rush, and everybody is jumping in. At Smile and Mobile we usually focus on tech startup activity on the African continent, but we cannot ignore the innovation happening in the urban communities in the good ol US of A.  We look forward to listing new Harlem co-creations spaces and Harlem tech accelerators in our startup directory, and we are happy that the guys at Silicon Harlem are working to make that a reality……………………………….Stay Mobile!