Calling all African Entrepreneurs, ALN Ventures is accepting applications!

 ALN Ventures is currently accepting applications from interested African Entrepreneurs for their inaugural Accelerator Program slated to begin in January 2015.

If you are a budding African entrepreneur with a business in the startup phase or even the concept phase, this opportunity might be for you. With Africa’s current growth numbers, a number of accelerator programs have emerged in various countries, to help spur the startup ecosystems. ALN Ventures stands apart from the other guys with these two very important points:

  1. They accept applications from all character of businesses. ie They are not confined to just tech businesses like most other accelerator programs in Africa.
  2. They are backed by a powerful network of mentors through the African Leadership network


Key Features of the Program

The incoming class for next years accelerator program can expect the following:

  1. The program will run for 9 Months. Accepted startups will meet in South Africa for 2 weeks at the start of the program.  After that they will continue to work on their businesses remotely.
  2. Startups could get a $20k cash injection
  3. Accepted Startups will have access to Mentoring through the ALN community



ALN accepts both technical and non-technical startups for the program but there are a few requirements;

  1. Program only open to African businesses (based in Africa or targeting African Market)
  2. The business has to have been operational for less than 2 years
  3. The startup should have received less than $250k in last investment
  4. The startup should have at least one full time founder

Apply for Class of 2015 today, Registration ends November 30th.
To Register for this great opportunity click here