How to Install Software on a laptop that does not have a CD/DVD Drive

In this video I will introduce you to the concept of DVD Sharing. As many of you may know, Apple is slowly phasing out internal DVD drives from their laptops. However, software installation is still largely done through CDs. If you have laptop that does not have a dvd drive you can still install software using a CD through DVD Sharing….. Watch the video to understand more

DVD sharing with a Windows Machine
1) Download and install the Apple sharing software on your windows machine
2) This can be found at this link,
3) Then go to control panel
4) Click on hardware and sound
5) Click on DVD Sharing
6) then on your mac machine go to your View Finder and click on remote disc
7) Then double click on you computers name
8) You will see the CD drive from your PC, now you can install the software!