Year in Review: 8 African Mobile Apps that trended in 2014

Well we have come to the end of another great year, and if you have been following us on, you have probably figured out that African-made mobile apps are trending. The year has seen the creation of a number of spectacular apps. From social media apps to mobile payment apps to Games, African entrepreneurs have made a huge splash in this $25 Billion dollar industry. We selected the top 8 apps that are trending in our Mobile app Directory.

Ethiotype – Ethiopia
The Ethio app offers a keyboard that allows mobile phone users to type various Ethiopian dialects (Amharic, Tirgrinya and Oromo)

Nearest Locator App – Nigeria
In Africa’s most populous nation, Nigeria, there is no lack of services. However, locating these services is a whole different story. Nigerias “Nearest locator app” is changing all of that. With this app, you have the ability to locate all points of interest around you. Banks, restaurants, bus terminals etc can now easily be identified by using this app.

Eventus – Egypt
What does America’s “time to enjoy” app have in common with Egypt’s “EVENTUS”? They both help users discover local events worth attending! In the bustling streets of Cairo this app is very useful!

Okada Books – Nigeria
With this app you can download African books straight to your phone, great exposure for unknown african Authors! There are currently over 8000 books available on this platform and the library is growing everyday. This is definitely one to watch.

Snapscan – South Africa
Mobile payments is a growing industry in Africa, and Snapscan has thrown their hat into the arena. The South African app allows you to link your debit and credit cards to the app. Once they are linked you can make purchases with your phone at any merchant displaying the Snapscan code

Suba – Ghana
After the incredible success of instagram, app stores have been flooded by picture apps hoping to emulate instagrams success. Africa is not exempt from the steady stream of picture mobile apps. Ghana’s Suba app helps users at any event to share pictures into one central stream. You can also edit pictures by creating fun doodles!

Mziiki – Kenya
There was no shortage of African music streaming apps this year. We have iroking, las gidi tunes, and giddi lounge, but Mziiki was by far the most popular. In a survey we did earlier in the year, this Kenyan app won in a landslide! Check it out!

Table Soccer – Nigeria
2014 has also been the year African mobile games came of age. We heard from a number of different gaming companies in Africa such as Kuluya, Maliyo Games and Smile and Game, but It is a game from Chopup, “Table Soccer”, that we are highlighting today. This game is extremely entertaining, and it brings the Nigerian childhood game to life on the mobile phone!