“On Second Thought” Allows You To Take Back Text Messages

After sending a text message she could not retract, Maci thought of a solution and came up with “On Second Thought”; an app that allows one to recall  messages, at least within a set time period, and either edit or delete them.

28-year old Maci Peterson, the co-founder and CEO of On Second Thought tells The Root “We’ve all had that experience where we send a text message [that] made us look like complete idiots. We’ve all had that text message that we wish we could get back, and now we have the opportunity to do that with On Second Thought“.

When she first came up with the idea, she was a solo founder with a background in brand management and marketing and no coding experience. This idea won her first place in The Kauffman Foundation and Up Global South by South-West (SXSW) pitch competition in 2014 leading to the creation of her company. Hence, it was critical for her to build the right team.  Today, Peterson has two additional co-founders, Gary Keeler; chief creative officer   and Stewart Voit; chief operating officer.

There are plans to launch the app in the iOS app store and also release a new curfew feature, which would basically allow one to set a time for all messages leaving ones phone to be stopped for a particular period until one is in the right frame of mind to go through the messages and send them.

Currently the app is free to download in the Play store and provides you with a set number of recalls for free. Unlimited recalls for a month cost $1.99, while a yearly subscription is $9.99.