Gaming company creates “Slave Tetris”, suffers internet backlash

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By: Wesley Yin-Poole

A “Slave Tetris” mini-game has been removed from a Steam game following a social media backlash.

“Slate Tetris”, a mini-game in Playing History 2 – Slave Trade, sees the player attempt to “think like an old-school slave merchant” and pack as many slaves as possible into the hold of your ship. The slaves are shaped like Tetris blocks. You can see how it works in the video, below, by Jim Sterling.
Last weekend a number of people reacted in anger to Slave Tetris. Many suggested it was, at best, an inappropriate way of educating kids about slavery. On Twitter the game was called “dehumanising” and “sick”.

The furore prompted its developer, Danish studio Serious Games Interactive, to remove the mini-game from Playing History 2 – Slave Trade, which launched on Steam in September 2013, as well as its trailer.

Source: Eurogamer