#YES WE CAN (Initiative to train low opportunity youth in Computer programming)

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Many have been searching for ways to uplift today’s urban youth and help them achieve a more promising future. We believe that one solution lies in connecting tech and social justice leaders to spearhead revolutionary tech programs whose benefits extend to the most disadvantaged of society.

The #YesWeCode initiative targets low-opportunity youth and provides them with the necessary resources and tools to become world-class computer programmers. By learning this highly valuable and relevant 21st century skill, these young people are shifting the trajectory of their futures and transforming their relationships with their communities and their country.

Why Us?

#YesWeCode acts as a connector and catalyzer, providing backbone infrastructure that amplifies the work of our network partners. Since July 2014, #YesWeCode’s strengths have been to:

Communicate: In partnership with Facebook, #YesWeCode launched an interactive website with a powerful search tool that enables youth to find local coding education resources. This tool also helps our coding partners recruit volunteers and mentors.
Convene: #YesWeCode has convened 100+ coding practitioners and stakeholders in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and New Orleans. #YesWeCode partnered with Qeyno Labs to host a Start-Up Weekend hackathon in Oakland in February, focused on uplifting young African-American men and boys.
Catalyze: In July, #YesWeCode launched at the 20th Anniversary ESSENCE Festival with a youth-focused hackathon and a headline performance by Prince, before a festival audience of 500,000 people.