Hijro – A Blockchain network of trade assets

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Hijro is the financial operating network for global trade powered by distributed ledger technology. Hijro connects banks, buyers, and suppliers across one network designed to streamline and automate settlement, reduce fraud risk, and break down costly data silo’s in the $4 trillion open-account trade market. Built on distributed ledger technology, the Hijro Network acts as a global “fabric” for trade, providing partners and network participants with a much smarter, more secure, and more efficient way to move value and assets around the world.

Our applications and solutions are built on the Hijro Network including a multi-bank, multi-lender trade asset marketplace, flexible working capital solutions for businesses, and APIs that allow easy connection into the network. Tokenize, transfer, and trade different types of digital assets between financial institutions including receivables and approved payables on the Hijro global trade asset marketplace. Connect with Hijro and bring your organization into the future of trade.