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Esoko (Ghana)

Create Software to serve the needs of farmers and the agriculture industry

Esoko is a powerful communications platform to help you manage agricultural value chains. Setup your network, choose your apps and start connecting people to information.
Gro Intelligence (Kenya, USA)
Founder: Sara Menker

Gro Intelligence cultivates opportunities. We gather, aggregate and process data using proprietary algorithms to unlock crucial insights into weather patterns, trade flows, pricing dynamics and production.We provide our users actionable agricultural data to drive higher productivity and greater access to capital.
+254 788 448 678
Hello Tractor (USA, Nigeria)

Hello Tractor is a tractor sharing service targeted at marginalized farmers throughout sub-Saharan Africa. The platform utilizes much of the same technology as ZipCar (telematics, gps, cloud computing) but, as a social enterprise, focuses on addressing the unique challenges faced by small farmers, particularly women, in agrarian communities.

The World Bank states that there are only 8 tractors per 100Km2 of farmland in Africa versus a global average of 200! Our tractor co-share will allow for equitable access to these tractors and close the technology gap preventing African farmers from better utilizing their land resources and maximizing their farm incomes.
+1(404) 861-6617
Lovegrain (Ethiopia)

Love Grain is a social enterprise and registered benefit corporation, meaning that we are as accountable to our social impact as we are to our bottom line.
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SokoText is a smart solution with a big idea: To make food affordable for everyone. We use the power of text messaging to aggregate demand for food and unlock wholesale prices for small entrepreneurs in urban slums.