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Founder: Enobong Etteh

We started this site because we found that we were visiting about 50-80 different sites a day just to satisfy our thirst for news of all sorts like tech, gossip, fashion and off beat news.

Hence we bring you, a place where we source news off the beaten track, as well as main stream gossip just for you, combined with the best devices reviews you will ever see!!!! Here you will find news on Android devices, celebrities,  3D TV’s, Tiger Woods, Movies, Trailers as well as funny and offbeat videos.

Let us be your boored at work site!

“Boored at work? Find all the latest news, gossip, latest Tech gadgets, movie ratings, funny videos and games. This is the site your boss will love to hate cuz he’ll be on there too! We all get boored at work, so let us entertain you!
Eduze  @eduzemobile

Eduze seeks to level the digital playing field.  They have created a platform that commercially distributes digital content to mobile devices without the need for 3G, ADSL or even electricity. Through it they offer free and easy access to world-class digital content that can uplift, inform and empower those who are too apprehensive, confused or financially challenged to access traditional web and online services.

+27 78 101 2815
Momentum Core

We are a company that make games which players can connect with each other, engage with social issues and solve problems collaboratively. We offer a good model of play for mobile games using social integration and continuous feedback from players using tools for analytics in our games. 

Momentum Core
254 705 286 145
Naija Lyrics @NaijaLyricsNG
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NaijaLyrics is a platform owned by Nine80 Digital. The platform has a simple search functionality that allows users to search its massive database for Nigerian song lyrics by artist or by song title and even by song lyrics. 

Naija Lyrics
SOKKAA (Rwanda) @thisissokkaa
Founder: Thom Harvey

Sokkaa is an online soccer community specifically for African fans. We give the fans what they want - reporting predominantly on EPL and European teams but in a variety of languages spoken across East Africa.
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The Phat Startup (USA) @ThePhatStartup
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The Phat Startup is a media company that provides premium educational content to aspiring entrepreneurs.

We provide workshops, online education and live events inspired by Hip Hop.
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BRAIN is a new Tanzanian Social Enterprise that creates engaging and locally relevant content for educational learners  in Africa. Based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, we make video, audio and interactive learning materials for delivery via TV, radio, web, mobile and grassroots educational programs.

Waabeh @waabeh
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Waabeh is fully stocked with the freshest sounds coming out of Africa . We are solving the problem of search, discovery and distribution of Audio content  (Music, Podcasts, Education, Audio books), essentially anything you want to hear.  Waabeh is solving the problem of  piracy ; a huge problem in Africa due to lack of intellectual property regulations and lack of enforcement.