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Adsbrook (Ghana)

AdsBrook is an African focused digital advertising company, which provides a network of online and mobile channels for advertisers and businesses to run effective advertising campaigns. We are dedicated to helping businesses build and maintain their brand through a strong online presence and also maximise their ROI.

mPawa is a job matching service developed by Innokiq. mPawa supports the posting of jobs and the onwards notification to blue collar workers in Africa. The overall idea is to bridge the gap that exists in the current blue collar recruitment space; that is getting blue collar workers into a centralized location and allowing employers to easily reach them.

mPawa by Innokiq
Meltwater Incubator
19 Banana Street
East Legon, Accra



Tel. +233 (0) 50 125 5679 / +233 (0) 50 125 5680
+233 (0) 50 125 5679 / +233 (0) 50 125 5680