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AfricaKnows (Kenya)
Founders: Sheila Ochugboju and Joshua Wanyama.

Using the tools of digital media and social networks, Africa Knows will bring together the best of photojournalism drawn from Kenya and the most active and creative new writing to tell a different story of itself. 

Afroes @afroesgames

Afroes produces applications and content for young people containing powerful educational and social messages. Afroes develops cutting-edge interactive digital media solutions rooted in Africa’s rich heritage and designed to mould Africa’s young citizens.

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The eLimu tablet is engaging Kenyan primary school students in the learning process by shifting the way we think about education. We are using technology as a tool through which information, ideas and passions can grow. By changing the approach to learning, we can improve the quality of education and citizenship. Our app is an ed-tech initiative that incorporates content correlating to the national curriculum vamped up with animations, videos, songs, music, games and quizzes to make the learning process more interactive, interesting, fun and engaging for students.

Designed to make not only an educational, but also a social impact, eLimu includes extended learning content that focusses on responsible citizenship (environmental, human rights, civic justice and even curriculum on personal financial literacy.)  We want to educate a generation of conscientious citizens who will be armed and ready to take their places in the economies of the 21st century; a generation of problem solvers, astute voters and reliable leaders for Kenya.

(+254)726 673931
Eneza Education @enezaeducation

Eneza is a virtual tutor and teacher's assistant on a low-cost mobile phone .

+254 707 908 308
ForgetMeNotAfrica @FMNA
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ForgetMeNot Africa’s optimizer technology converts Facebook "actions," emails and chat messages into SMS formats, without connecting to the Internet. The company’s ECONET Wireless Zimbabwe’s eTXT service is a cheaper alternative than a fixed-line Internet connection or most Internet cafés.

+233 21 689580/662692 (Ghana) and +254 (20) 4453800 (Kenya)
Jijini Markets @jijinimarkets
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Jijini Markets is the best place to find and compare the best prices in the Kenyan market. 

Jijini Markets
+254 723 946 197
Kendy Money Transfer (Kenya)

Sending money across Africa has always been expensive and inconvenient. Until now.
Kendy money transfer understands this and ensures that no matter how far you travel across Africa, your money, like your heart is always connected to home. That's why we have an easy, fast and flexible system that not only gets your money to where it needs to be but also gives your friends and family various convenient ways of receiving what money you have to share.

It's the uniquely African solution to money transfer in Africa. Kendy the Pan-African money transfer service.
+254 (0) 20 2377054
Kopo Kopo (Kenya)
Founder: Dylan Higgins, Ben Lyon

The name Kopo Kopo comes from kobboh kobboh, the Krio word for money. We owe our name to our pilot project in Sierra Leone. From our learnings in Sierra Leone and Kenya in early 2011, we were inspired to create a world-class platform to enable small and medium businesses to accept mobile payments and build relationships with their customers.
Kopo Kopo launched its core platform in Kenya in February 2012. We have recently partnered with Safaricom to bring the M-PESA Buy Goods service to small and medium businesses throughout Kenya and, today, we serve hundreds of businesses from salons to restaurants to office supply stores.
Kytabu (kenya)
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Founder: Tonee Ndungu

The objective of the application is to provide students with access to affordable learning content, that is current and relevant, in a convenient manner that is still fun and engaging. The application, built with the knowledge that the education sector has many stakeholders, creates a conducive working environment for publishers and content developers will bringing in mobile service providers and hardware manufactures into the education sector to grow its impact and capacity. With 7.5 million children in formal schools and another 7.2 million in informal learning environments in Kenya, there has to be more we can do with the 250,000 teachers we have.
M-Kopa (Kenya)
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Founder: Jesse Moore, Nick Hughes

M-KOPA was established in 2011 following successful consumer trials in Kenya during 2010.
As of February 2014, we are actively providing affordable solar power to over 50,000 Kenyan households and adding 1,000 more every week. Our team includes over 200 staff and we sell our product through more than 750 retail shops nationwide.
The founders of the company are experienced mobile technology innovators who believe in the huge potential of transformative, affordable products designed for underserved consumers. While excellent technology is a pre-requisite, technology alone does not solve for customer needs. Success comes when smart technology is combined with a commitment to on-going, on-the-ground delivery.
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