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Beam (Ghana)
Founder: Nikunj Handa, Falk Benke

We're a small team based in Accra, Ghana using Bitcoin technology to allow Africans to remit money, cheaply and instantly.!/
+233 26 552 4931
Kendy Money Transfer (Kenya)

Sending money across Africa has always been expensive and inconvenient. Until now.
Kendy money transfer understands this and ensures that no matter how far you travel across Africa, your money, like your heart is always connected to home. That's why we have an easy, fast and flexible system that not only gets your money to where it needs to be but also gives your friends and family various convenient ways of receiving what money you have to share.

It's the uniquely African solution to money transfer in Africa. Kendy the Pan-African money transfer service.
+254 (0) 20 2377054
Kitiwa (Ghana)
founders: Mawuli Adzoe, Nikunj Handa

Kitiwa is an online Mobile Money Company that allows its users Convert local money to Bitcoins in order to use the bitcoins to make purchases online.
Kopo Kopo (Kenya)
Founder: Dylan Higgins, Ben Lyon

The name Kopo Kopo comes from kobboh kobboh, the Krio word for money. We owe our name to our pilot project in Sierra Leone. From our learnings in Sierra Leone and Kenya in early 2011, we were inspired to create a world-class platform to enable small and medium businesses to accept mobile payments and build relationships with their customers.
Kopo Kopo launched its core platform in Kenya in February 2012. We have recently partnered with Safaricom to bring the M-PESA Buy Goods service to small and medium businesses throughout Kenya and, today, we serve hundreds of businesses from salons to restaurants to office supply stores.
Pagatech Limited
Founders: Tayo Oviosu, Jay Alabraba

We are a team of passionate Africans determined to tackle what we consider a critical issue paramount to Africa's development - the availability of financial services to all Africans. Paga was founded early 2009 on the simple belief that the ubiquity of mobile phones can be leveraged to bring financial services to all Africans. We aim to accomplish our mission by working in partnership with select Banks, Microfinance institutions, and all Mobile Network Operators.

Innovation is at the core of our company - we strive to develop "appropriate technology" suited for the local markets where we operate. We also work hard to ensure our services are low cost and accessible via our agent network - in doing so we can strive towards universal access.

Paga works on the most basic SMS enabled phone and on all mobile networks so customers have the liberty to have their Paga account available at their finger tips regardless of what phone or network they are using.

For consumers, our core offering is a money transfer service - with Paga you can send money to anyone with a mobile phone. You can either use Paga by yourself (if you own a Paga account) or by going to any Paga Agent. We also offer several other products such as: buying/sending airtime credits, bill payments, and retail payments. For ultimate convenience we provide several channels for consumers to use Paga - SMS, Online, a mobile application, USSD, or IVR (automated line).
0700-000-PAGA (0700-000-7242) 01-2777160
Payfort (Egypt)

PayFort is a trusted online payment gateway enabling businesses, governments, SMEs, startups and institutions with innovative payment options for both the banked and non-banked online shoppers.

We work with our customers first by understanding both their financial and revenue model; identify areas of risk exposure, and payment processes in order to formulate strategies to maximize online payment acceptance. We work under the notion that “People are different” thus we help our merchants in offering different payment options that mirror their online shoppers behavior for both credit card and non-credit cardholders.

PayFort is the leading online payment provider in the Arab World with investment backing from some of the top global online investment firms such as Naspers and Tiger Capital.
Our team is comprised of seasoned bankers, technology gurus, and risk management experts that have been helping hundreds of firms manage and innovate their online payment processes across the Arab World and beyond.
+971 4 4252690
Remit (Uganda)
Co-Founder: Stone Atwine, TMS Ruge,

Remit is a remittance transfer service built by Redcore Interactive that offers real-time debit / credit card to mobile-money transfers from all over the world to registered mobile-money users in Uganda. Remit’s advantage is that it is the fastest, cheapest, and safest way for Uganda’s diaspora to send money home.
Appolition (USA)

Every year, millions of people are incarcerated because they cannot afford bail. Automatically give your spare change from everyday purchases to help prevent the detrimental impact this has on our community.