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Kendy Money Transfer (Kenya)

Sending money across Africa has always been expensive and inconvenient. Until now.
Kendy money transfer understands this and ensures that no matter how far you travel across Africa, your money, like your heart is always connected to home. That's why we have an easy, fast and flexible system that not only gets your money to where it needs to be but also gives your friends and family various convenient ways of receiving what money you have to share.

It's the uniquely African solution to money transfer in Africa. Kendy the Pan-African money transfer service.
+254 (0) 20 2377054
Soumtou (Senegal)

The solar powered management console.  We offer a fully-designed Ergonomic and futuristic design, full keyboard, protective features.

Our device comes with business-specific accessories such as a barcode scanner and a connected scale for small corner shops.

We also offer intuitive Software
(221)77 779 79 95