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Africa Angels Network (South Africa)
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Africa Angels Network (AAN) is an investment firm that invests in Africa-focused startups, primarily in the TMT (Technology, Media, Telecoms) sector.

Furthermore, we match the entrepreneurs with highly qualified mentors specifically related to their industries.

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African Image Library (South Africa)
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Wildlife and travel photographer specialized in Africa.

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Business Phone Number: +27 36 4481464
Afroes @afroesgames
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Afroes produces applications and content for young people containing powerful educational and social messages. Afroes develops cutting-edge interactive digital media solutions rooted in Africa’s rich heritage and designed to mould Africa’s young citizens.

Business Website Address: Afroes
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Angel Hub Ventures
Short Business Description: Founder: Brett Commaille
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AngelHub Ventures is a seed stage Venture Capital fund investing into lean startups with disruptive business models and technologies.

Key characteristics of businesses that interest us:
- Disruptive business models enabled by technology.
- Attack existing profitable industries and markets - so there’s already money being made in an industry, you just have to win a share of it. “We want to be the small mosquito on a massive artery.”
- Scalable and poised for rapid growth.
- Strong leadership team with a realistic and executable business plan.
- Already have Minimum Viable Product (MVP), and better yet, a first customer or two (some traction).
- Realistic valuation that is more focused on the execution requirements than the potential value of the idea: that’s right, ideas are cheap, we want to get it done.
- Follow a lean methodology: So you build minimum viable products and get them into the market to test asap; then you improve and rapidly get the next version launched [Lean Startup].
- Flexible cost structures: the business has more variable than fixed costs, which can change and be adjusted as the business changes. We’re not a fan of capital intensive models.
- Come with a reference: you’ve taken the time to get a recommendation / reference from somebody we know / respect.
- Know your key metrics, both for your past performance and the industry norms.
- Finally, it has the potential to return 10 times the investment within 5 years. Doesn’t mean we’re going to sell, but it needs to grow rapidly.

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Daddy’s Dragons (South Africa)
Short Business Description: Founders: Jody Aufrigtig , Nick Ferguson, BArry Harlen, Paul Dalton
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The Daddy's Dragons brings you a Business School and Incubator.  Business incubation has been around a long time but in recent times these are springing up all over the place, answering to a real need for small business support. These start-up hubs offer expert mentorship, resources like office space, management and skills transfer and even seed money, typically in exchange for an equity partnership in small (or theoretical) companies. It’s far better to have a smaller share in a huge success, than complete ownership in something small and your chances of success are greatly increased when you associate with the Dragons. More importantly, early-stage investors are paying close attention too.

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Business Phone Number: 021 486 5999
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Eduze  @eduzemobile
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Eduze seeks to level the digital playing field.  They have created a platform that commercially distributes digital content to mobile devices without the need for 3G, ADSL or even electricity. Through it they offer free and easy access to world-class digital content that can uplift, inform and empower those who are too apprehensive, confused or financially challenged to access traditional web and online services.

Business Website Address: Eduze
Business Phone Number: +27 78 101 2815
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Forgood is an online platform that connects passionate people with needy organisations. It is a social market place where skills, goods, services and information can easily be offered and asked for. We are about matchmaking - for good.

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Business Phone Number: +27 11 771 2540
GEM project (South Africa)
Short Business Description: Founders: David Shields, Camilo Ramada
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The GEM Project helps people to help themselves.

GEM is a mobile reward system for social volunteers.
People can earn GEMs by doing community work, separating waste, planting trees etc.
They can then spend these GEMs on airtime, pre-paid electricity, movie tickets and groceries.
They can also spend GEMs with each other because opening a GEM account is quick, easy and free!

The project has been nominated for the highly prestigious international SEED Awards ( for innovative social venture projects.

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Karoo Images (South Africa)
Short Business Description: Founders: Brent Naudé and Steve Mosley
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Their work covers a range of subjects, with t ravel and its associated themes being top of the list, but they also write about wildlife & conservation, people, culture, food & drink, history, architecture, agriculture & farming and more.

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Business Phone Number: +27(0) 73 176 5738
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Lumkani has developed an early warning system to reduce the damage and destruction caused by the spread of shack/slum fires in urban informal settlements.

Our detectors have been specifically designed to use heat detection instead of smoke detection to sense fire. Many cooking, lighting and heating methods used by people living in informal settlements produce smoke. This is the reason Lumkani devices use rate-of rise of temperature technology to accurately measure the incidence of dangerous fires and limit the occurrence of false alarms.

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