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(Tahrir )^2 (Egypt)
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Tarir Sqr, is a technology incubator based in Alexandria with a mission to help entrepreneurs build their startups..

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Business Phone Number: +20 3 5227646
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440 is a JV between 88mph and L5Lab. We provide startups with between $20k-110k investment for 10-25% equity in their businesses.
We invest in startups that target the African markets and are scalable via web/mobile. We accept up to 10 startups per program who will spend 3 months with us, refining their products, business models, and go-to-market. Applications close August 1st. All startups will be notified by August 31st. Program runs from September 12th till December 12th. See here for more information on how it works.

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Short Business Description: Founder: Nnamdi Okike
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645 Ventures is an early-stage investment fund focused on Internet and software companies. The fund invests in sectors such as online marketplaces, data analytics, e-commerce, and SaaS software. Portfolio companies include Poshly, Trendalytics, Rifiniti, and Keaton Row. 645 Ventures was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in New York city

Founder: Nnamdi Okike

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88 mph Accelerator
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They provide early-stage web/mobile companies with up to $100K in funding through our 3-month startup accelerator program.

88mph Garage Nairobi
88mph, Nairobi
4th Floor, Piedmont Plaza
671 Ngong Road
Nairobi, Kenya
Co-working in Nairobi!

88mph Cape Town Garage
Woodstock Exchange
Block A / 4th Floor
66 Albert Road / Woodstock
7925 / Cape Town
South Africa
Co-working in Cape Town!

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Accion Venture Lab (Nigeria)
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Venture Lab is an investment initiative that drives financial inclusion globally. We invest capital in and provide support to innovative fintech start-ups that increase access to, improve the quality of, or reduce the cost of financial services for the underserved at scale.

We are particularly interested in technology and business model innovation as well as new approaches that help underserved people and small businesses benefit from the world’s formal economy. We look for models leveraging new technologies (e.g., blockchain and distributed ledger, digital ID and full stack infrastructure), newly digitized forms of data (e.g., social media, digital transaction footprints) and new analytical tools (e.g., machine learning). We also look for innovative customer engagement models that create meaningful and delightful user experiences. We are excited about new approaches that focus on financial health and building  financial capabilities.

Since early-stage startups traditionally lack access to capital and assistance, Venture Lab provides flexible financial and non-financial support to adress the needs of our portfolio, including:

Investment: We will typically invest U.S. $300,000 to $500,000 in equity or quasi-equity instruments as part of the first institutional round of capital for seed-stage startups. We welcome opportunities to co-invest with like-minded investors and often build syndicates to channel capital into promising opportunities. We continue to support companies as they grow through follow-on capital that drives scale.
Support: Venture Lab is an active and engaged investor, providing investees with strategic and operational support across a broad range of business areas. We do this through governance, often in the form of a board role, as well as through our portfolio engagement function, which consists of an in-house team that works closely with portfolio companies in the areas of growth strategy, customer insights, product and pricing, process and operations, and human capital. In addition to day-to-day support from the Venture Lab team, investee companies may get connected to Accion’s technical experts (technology, risk management, etc.), microfinance teams and customers from partner institutions around the world, and the global banking and investing community.

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Business Phone Number: +1 617.625.7080
Africa Angels Network (South Africa)
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Africa Angels Network (AAN) is an investment firm that invests in Africa-focused startups, primarily in the TMT (Technology, Media, Telecoms) sector.

Furthermore, we match the entrepreneurs with highly qualified mentors specifically related to their industries.

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Africa Twenty10 Accelerator
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The 20 thousand entrepreneurs within 10 years( 20 by 10) Accelerator program provides the environment, networks and funding opportunity to ensure that ethical entrepreneurs grow and flourish to positively impact their communities .
We are especially focused on startup's looking to launch in multiple African Countries

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African Technology Foundation
Short Business Description: Co-Founder: Stephen Ozoigbo
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At the African Technology Foundation, we believe that knowledge building is the foundation for informed action and we are fully committed to harmonizing Africa's diaspora to foster the development of knowledge based economies in the region through our annual fellowships. We select ten (10) fellows every year to support our programs and initiatives and all our Fellows and Associates have unbridled passion for the success of African enterprises. For more information on our Fellowships, please contact us at
This program is designed to aggregate innovative mechanisms for mutual collaboration through our unique relationships with universities, research centers and innovation labs. Selected Fellows for these opportunities will work with diaspora networks within these ecosystems on collaborative research, technology assessment and commercialization activities.


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Business Phone Number: +1 818 660 5676
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All Star Code (USA)
Short Business Description: Founder: Christina Lewis Halpern
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Letter From The Founder

The month before my father died, he named me to the board of his foundation. I was only 12 years old. Since then, I’ve dedicated myself to supporting causes that helped the black community and other historically-oppressed peoples. As a professional business journalist, I had a front row seat to observing the growth in income inequality. I saw how those with assets reaped seemingly ever-increasing rewards. And I realized that if my father were a young man today, he would no doubt be working in technology, the growth industry for building wealth in the 21st century. With that notion in mind, I began investigating ways to help minority talent gain access to the tech world. While I discovered a number of programs that addressed the lack of women in the industry, I did not find a sufficient number of resources for young men of color. So after conversations with over 150 professionals in the education, non-profit, philanthropic and technology spaces, All Star Code was born. In honor of my father’s legacy — and everyone else who has fought for equal rights — I created this program to help the next generation of youth catch the next wave of opportunity. I envision All Star Code to be a program that can give young, intelligent, driven men of color access to this exciting and dynamic field.

-Christina Lewis Halpern

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ALN Ventures
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ALN Ventures is a platform designed to identify the most promising entrepreneurs in Africa, and  to connect them to the power of the African Leadership Network: Africa’s most dynamic group of young influencers. Mentorship, investment, exclusive access to partner services — we’re looking to provide founders with everything they need to accelerate their growth.

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