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AfricaKnows (Kenya)
Founders: Sheila Ochugboju and Joshua Wanyama.

Using the tools of digital media and social networks, Africa Knows will bring together the best of photojournalism drawn from Kenya and the most active and creative new writing to tell a different story of itself.

Awesome African Photos
Karoo Images (South Africa)
Founders: Brent Naudé and Steve Mosley

Their work covers a range of subjects, with t ravel and its associated themes being top of the list, but they also write about wildlife & conservation, people, culture, food & drink, history, architecture, agriculture & farming and more.
+27(0) 73 176 5738
Mimages (South Africa)
Founders: Merwelene van der Merwe and Christiaan Diedericks

The development of this stock library is the culmination of a desire to offer exceptional-quality images to the art-buying community at a fraction of the cost of a conventional photo shoot.
Mimages helps to turn creative ideas into successful designs. It aims to unify the work of numerous photographers with a tightly edited collection of assignment-quality images.
+27 11 886 7886
Founders: Moussa Fofana, Celine Crespin Maguette MBow ,Alex Poblah,

Launched in 2013,YEELENPIX is the first world images and illustrations bank dedicated to African content whose purpose is to promote and develop a new image of the continent.
The name Yeelenpix is the fusion of two words, two worlds: Yeelen meaning light (in Bambara, a west African dialect ) and Pix for  photo / digital / pixel.