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mobile payments in africa

Kitiwa (Ghana)
founders: Mawuli Adzoe, Nikunj Handa

Kitiwa is an online Mobile Money Company that allows its users Convert local money to Bitcoins in order to use the bitcoins to make purchases online.
Kopo Kopo (Kenya)
Founder: Dylan Higgins, Ben Lyon

The name Kopo Kopo comes from kobboh kobboh, the Krio word for money. We owe our name to our pilot project in Sierra Leone. From our learnings in Sierra Leone and Kenya in early 2011, we were inspired to create a world-class platform to enable small and medium businesses to accept mobile payments and build relationships with their customers.
Kopo Kopo launched its core platform in Kenya in February 2012. We have recently partnered with Safaricom to bring the M-PESA Buy Goods service to small and medium businesses throughout Kenya and, today, we serve hundreds of businesses from salons to restaurants to office supply stores.