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Who is Smile and Mobile?

Smile and Mobile (The African tech Blog) is a new innovative technology news site. We provide videos and commentary about everything in the mobile technology space. Our focus is primarily in the African Market. Over the past 10 years most of the fastest growing economies have come out of the African Market and we are focused on providing updates on Start-up activity, Venture Capital, local sentiment and regional analysis.  Smile and Mobile is owned by the Smile and Talk LLC (An african entertainment and Gaming Media Company).  We are the only tech site that has a conclusive database of African startups, founders, videos, mobile apps and games.


We also create African Mobile Games: http://www.smileandgame.com

We also Cover African Entertainment TV: http://www.smileandtalk.com



Emeka Onodugo

top african tech bloggersA man of varied interests, Emeka has worked as an Actor in New York, an FX Quant Analyst in a Massachusetts Hedge Fund, a Treasury Bills Trader in Nigeria and a Software Engineer in Boston.  In college, he was a producer for the rap group “One Entertainment” and secretly believes he can make better beats than Kanye West 🙂  Emeka  holds an MBA and a Computer Systems Engineering degree from University of Massachusetts, Amherst and a Masters in Finance degree from Princeton University.  He started the Tech blog, Smile and Mobile, in January 2013, and has been a regular Savant on the African Tech scene ever since!





Somto Fab-Ukozor


Somto is a technology aficionado, energetic, driven and methodical female. She is from the tropical country; Nigeria. Somto is passionate about using technology as a tool for youth development and empowerment.  In 2013, infoDev profiled her alongside other top 50 entrepreneurs in Africa. For leisure, Somto enjoys great conversations and good company, discovering the beauty in her environment and enthusiastic about learning new things. You can follower her on twitter @sfabukozor .

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