South African Music Streaming Service

App Description

The ultimate music collection awaits you with access to millions of top International artists as well as the biggest range of South African and Africa music.

Enjoy all the benefits of our All Access trial:

• Unlimited music on your Smartphone, Tablet & Computer
• Create as many playlists as you like
• Take your pick from our ready-made playlists for any mood or occasion.
• Listen to your songs even without an internet connection – perfect when you’re on the go.
• Search any artist, album or song
• See what’s Trending & Charts
• Listen to Genre & Artist based Radio stations
• Share your music with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp & more
• Your simfy africa account allows you to listen to music via a range of connected devices including: Sonos, compatible Bluetooth speakers or entertainment systems.

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App details

Country South Africa
Creator Gillian Ezra
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