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Watch all your favorite Arewa24 shows right here on your phone. Stream Arewa24 full TV episodes, select your favorite shows, share your favorite videos, engage with us on social media, call or text the channel and check the daily schedule.
AREWA24 is the first and only 24/7 free-to-air Hausa-language entertainment and lifestyle satellite television channel created by and for the Hausa- speaking community. Produced out of Kano, Nigeria, AREWA24 is currently broadcasting 11 original shows across popular entertainment and lifestyle genres – – all in Hausa. AREWA24’s mission is to showcase the beauty, promise, diversity and potential of Hausa speaking communities across our footprint of Nigeria and in the neighboring countries and to unite Hausa speakers everywhere under the AREWA24 umbrella.


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Country Nigeria
Creator Arewa24
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