Dating app for people of Color

App Description

Bae :: Before Anyone Else, is the newest app for people of color to meet, chat and date

Bae provides you with curated potential matches everyday who are looking to meet someone like you.

Bae connects you with people of color around you. Based on the results of potential matches, the app allows you to anonymously like or pass them. If two users like each other, then it results in a “match” and Bae introduces the two users in a chat.
– Swipe “right” if you are interested in the person, swipe “left” if you aren’t
– We get to know you as a first time user by giving you unlimited swipes. After we find out what type of people you are interested in, you get:
– 100 “right” swipes every 8 hours, unlimited “left” swipes
– Invite friends to knock the 8 hour timer out!
We will never post on your facebook timeline without your permission. We will never share your information with unknown parties. Liking someone is always anonymous unless you match.

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App details

Country USA
Creator Justin Gerrard and Brian Gerrard
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