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App Description

MySidekick is a fun and FREE shopping App that will save you time and money! It’s your Personal Shopping Assistant and your Virtual Mall in one.

Tired of rushing from Mall to Mall for deals, browsing through all the local newspaper inserts and all those websites for the latest specials? MySidekick is here to help you!

Our Superhero flies around all the Malls and Stores day and night, checking for the best specials, promotions, coupons and sales in the big brand retail stores we know and love. Our Superhero also makes sure you don’t get lost looking for ATM’s or Petrol Stations and for your safety you can dial Emergency numbers straight from the app –
now that’s cool!

But MySidekick does much more:
* Find Specials, Sales and Events at your favourite Shops and Malls near you or in another locations in South Africa
* Find out what’s trending with our TOP 25 Specials button 🙂
* Find Shops and Malls on a Map
* Call Shops or Malls directly from the App
* Find and call Emergency numbers quickly (Ambulances, Childline, Police stations, AA etc) – you’ll love this one!
* Find Petrol Stations & ATM’s on a Map close to you when you need them most
* Save any item to your Favourites (for Specials this works like a shopping/wish list)
* Share any item on Facebook and Twitter to keep your friends in the loop on these fantastic deals
* Check out what Competitions Malls or Retailers are running and give yourself a chance to win


App details

Country South Africa
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