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App Description

oin thousands who have hopped on the okadabooks ride…the fast, simple and fun way to read books without ever leaving your couch! Install the app, choose a book, download and start reading – it’s as easy as riding an okada. It’s book reading, reinvented.
OH YEAH, DID WE MENTION THAT ITS CHEAPER THAN RIDING AN ACTUAL OKADA! Here are other reasons to download okadabooks today…

• 90% of our books are free and others cost less than $1.00!
• You get to pick from over 10,000 books in our ever growing library.
• You get to become an author and publish your own books and share with others.
• Interact with published and unpublished authors across Africa.
• Get access to past JAMB and WAEC questions and turn your phone into a powerful educational resource


App details

Country Nigeria
Creator Okechukwu Ofili
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